Family resource center opens in North Phila.

NORTH PHILADELPHIA - November 29, 2010

On Monday, people there celebrated the opening of a brand new Parent and Family Resource Center.

It's located at the Rivera Building on North 5th Street, one of eight centers around town.

Here, parents can get their questions answered about their child's education, and get help for themselves.

"Get high school degrees if they don't have them, get GED's, learn how to do the parenting they may not know about," said Deputy Superintendent Leroy Nunery.

The center is designed to be one stop shopping in your neighborhood, where you can gain access to resources you may not have known existed.

"Parents still are struggling with issues and they just don't know who to go to, particularly in the Latino community, and how to get their problems solved," said Assistant Superintendent Patricia Mazzuca.

Mazzuca admits it's going to take time for parents to realize these centers exist.

However, considering all the parents that showed up on Monday, perhaps it wont take too long.

"If you actually raise your voice, it's good to know you can actually be heard," said parent Joel Soto. "To know that you're not alone, that there's help, all you need to do is reach out and get it."

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