"White Student Union" fliers at West Chester U.

WEST CHESTER, Pa. - December 2, 2010

If the people behind the flier wanted to get people talking, mission accomplished.

The fliers read: "Feeling under represented on campus? Looking for a place to share your views? Uncomfortable in other "special interest" groups? Then this is the place for you."

The fliers were posted around West Chester University earlier this week, inviting students to the first meeting of the White Student Union.

An investigation found the group was fictional and was actually meant as a statement against racism, but, in the meantime, there was confusion and concern on campus.

"You have to promote the diversity of the campus. I think if they were doing it just to spite the Black Student Union, it would be the wrong thing to do," sophomore Nick Conti said.

Some worried about the formation of a racist organization. Others like freshman Courtney Campbell, a member of the Black Student Union, were left unfazed.

"I really didn't focus on it. If it didn't hurt anybody, just leave it alone," Campbell said.

An investigation was conducted by the Campus Climate Intervention Team, a committee formed to address cases of intolerance should they occur.

Their findings were e-mailed to the campus community and read in part, "We have learned the meeting was, in fact, designed to draw anti-racist allies together. There is no White Student Union at West Chester and there is no meeting."

"Everybody expects always something wrong out of statements, they are actually used to get questions out of people and thoughts, but it probably caused a bigger uproar than it was supposed to," Campbell said.

There is no word on who was behind the fliers.

Since findings indicated the intentions of the student or students involved were good, no punishments were given out.

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