FBI warns about Barbie doll with built-in camera

December 3, 2010

It's Video Girl Barbie, which comes with a built-in camera in the chest. It lets children record their play-time and even edit a movie.

The FBI office in California, which sent out the alert, said it is not citing any problems with this specific Barbie, but there have been cases in which predators lure victims with toys, then use hidden cameras to record the children.

"We want to make sure law enforcement everywhere is aware the potential misuses by people," said J.J. Klaver of the FBI office in Philadelphia.

They're worried this Barbie will encourage that kind of behavior, which obviously concerns parents.

The FBI says it's not trying to hurt Mattel's sales of the doll.

Dr James Pedigo, who treats pedophiles, has his doubts about the danger behind the doll, saying an abusers have other ways to get video.

"The pedophile would not really need to have the Barbie doll as a way of getting images. They could get them with a smart phone," said Dr. Pedigo.

Still, toy shoppers in our area were wary of the toy.

"They should not have that on the market," said Ruth Pritchard of North Philadelphia.

A statement from Mattel says, in part, that the FBI is not reporting anything has happened. It concludes by saying "We understand the importance of child safety, it is our number one priority."

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