TVs snatched from empty NJ shore homes

OCEAN CITY, N.J. - December 3, 2010

The hottest items are flat screen TVs.

"The last two weeks we've had 20 reported burglaries," said Lt. Steve Ang of the Ocean City Police. "These homes are being broken into forcibly and mostly your flat panel and plasma-type TVs are being taken."

In each of the incidents someone forced their way into the homes through a side entrance and stole flat screen televisions. Police say the burglars are not careful about it, either.

"Some type of tool is being used, a sledge hammer and a real strong kick. They're obliterating the door frame," said Lt. Ang.

No other items of value have been taken from the homes.

Most of the reported incidents have occurred south of 40th Street along Central and Asbury avenues. In many cases, the burglars are entering homes from the beach-side which, at this time of year, is pretty desolate.

Authorities also say there has been an increase in burglaries over the last three years.

Lisa Braccia, of Warrington, Pa., has a second home in Ocean City. "It makes you wonder why you don't see these people walking down the street with flat screen TVs," Braccia said.

Police say they are monitoring the area with extra patrols, but remind anyone who will be away for extended periods to check their homes move valuables out of site of windows and arm alarm systems.

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