Use your iPhone to get coupons, samples and cash

January 3, 2011 9:50:26 AM PST
If you have an iPhone and a few extra minutes each week, you can earn cash and get money-saving coupons and samples.

CoupSmart is a new company that matches sellers who have products to promote with consumers who're likely to use those products.

"We use a nifty little scanning technology to actually get people to go around their homes and scan the stuff in their homes," explains CoupSmart founder Blake Shipley. "Then we send them personalized, actual boxes of samples, and coupons and also coupons online."

Shipley says because CoupSmart matches offers you get with items you already have, it's more efficient than wading through newspaper inserts or online coupon sites.

"We send you just the ones that are relevant to the stuff you already buy," he explains. "You may not get the exact same coupons as the products that you buy, but they'll all be related."

For example, if you scan peanut butter, you might get a coupon for or sample of jelly. And it's not just food. You can scan anything with a bar code, from dvd's to toiletries to household cleaners.

Once you've scanned 30 items, you're eligible for the site's various sweepstakes. Daily prizes include $5 cash and extra boxes of products, and there are monthly drawing for $20 gift cards.


lus each month, you'll get your personally selected box full of samples and coupons, based on your scans.

"Once you start scanning, it's almost addictive," Shipley says.

For now, the CoupSmart app is available only for iPhone, but they hope to add apps for Android and Blackberry soon. In addition, you can manually enter UPC numbers onto the website using your computer.

To sign up for CoupSmart, click here.