Another sexual assault reported in Kensington

KENSINGTON - December 7, 2010

"Please get him. ASAP," a lifetime Kensington resident said.

The strangler has made life that much more tense in this hard knocks section of town.

Police say the man seen in a composite sketch has killed at least 2 women, perhaps a third, and is now believed responsible for at least 5 other overnight sexual assaults on women walking alone since early October.

A woman told police today she was raped inside a vehicle near the corner of Kensington and Allegheny just before midnight last night. The victim has been talking to police, but at times, is said to be uncooperative.

Police have yet to directly connect this incident to the serial strangler, but they're all but certain he struck overnight Sunday into Monday at Kensington Avenue and Sergeant.

Now, every assault in this area is getting the full attention of a strangler task force.

"Dawn" a long-time heroin addict spoke openly to Action News about her escalating fears.

"Anytime you go to get into the car you're taking that chance of not knowing whether you're going to get out of the car alive," Dawn said.

Police are now saturating Kensington day and night as the search for the strangler goes full tilt.

Nicole Piacentini was found dead in mid-November on Cumberland Street. 2 weeks earlier, Elaine Goldberg was found murdered on Ruth Street. DNA tests link these cases.

Allison Edwards was found dead on Friday in nearby Juniata Park. Police say this case may be related.

Carl Hill an outreach social worker has been assigned to help the troubled women of Kensington.

"You prey on someone who has nothing, nobody's going to care if something happens to this person," Hill said.

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey has announced a news conference for tomorrow morning to brief reporters on the full scope of the investigation.

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