Caught on camera: Teen turned truck into weapon

December 7, 2010

Newly-released video shows the stolen dump truck going on a rampage when police tried to stop the mammoth vehicle.

Authorities say Joshua Jiles used it as a battering ram, reversing and crashing into several police cruiser and a number of private cars.

One witness told reporters, "I thought it was a movie being filmed... It went right through both police cars, knocked the police cars out of the way.. It was unbelievable."

All along the way, the driver dumped bricks and a tarp out the window.

Halfway through the ride, Jile stopped just long enough to let out two other teens who had been in the truck with him. Police rounded them up, but the dump truck kept going.

The 52-mile pursuit, which lasted nearly an hour, finally comes to an end when a flat tire caused the truck to crash into a guardrail.

The Akron Beacon Journal reports that his stepfather said that they'd been begging juvenile justice officials for help with the teenager.

The teen has been charged with felonious assault on a police officer, assault with a dump truck.

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