Parenting: Moms say "No" to Volunteering

December 7, 2010 The article was entitled: "Frazzled Moms Push Back Against Volunteering" by, Hilary Stout. Now, I love volunteering as much as the next person, but there seems to be a movement to recapture the serenity we lost along the way to the PTA meetings. I'm not very active in my school's PTA, but I am on the baking committee for three different schools this year! Add to that work, 3 kids, 2 ailing dogs, elderly parents – and picking up after my husband – and I'm teetering on the edge. Serenity is so long gone, I can't remember what it felt like. According to Stout's article, schools are struggling with their budgets and asking more and more of parents. At the same time, parents are struggling with tough economic times and many stay at home moms are returning to the work force. It's a combination that increases the need for volunteers, but many parents are fed up with answering everyone's needs but their own. The article followed a few parents who decided to say "no" to the never-ending requests for volunteers and reclaim quality family time. They seemed pretty happy with their decision. One of my friends is on the board of our local PTA. I know how much good they do and how desperately they need help for the kids. I'm not suggesting we turn our backs on volunteering while the need is higher than ever. But, I do think we women often push ourselves harder every year, without ever stopping to think what we lost along the way. A quiet moment alone, or with the kids, to enjoy the holiday may be the best thing for ourselves and our family. Read more Parenting Perspective blogs by visiting the Parenting Channel on
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