Parenting: Quality time during the holidays

December 7, 2010

It's important to build in some opportunities for relaxation and family togetherness during these hectic days. Holidays can certainly be stressful, but experts say it doesn't have to be if there are simple moments of togetherness.

Whether it's spending a quiet afternoon baking Christmas cookies with the kids, or perhaps making candles for the menorah, it's quality time that the family may cherish and remember just as much as the opening of gifts.

In my house, we spend quality time watching the numerous holiday programs on television. Whether it's Charlie Brown Christmas, or Rudolph, or the Grinch, I've seen them many times and so has my 8-year-old. But there is always something special about watching them as a family this time of year - even if I have to record them on my DVR and schedule a particular evening to see them. They are special moments you can't get back: The down time.

One family expert suggests spending some quiet time together, resting, reading or listening to music before heading into the hustle and bustle of holiday hectic-ness. Or perhaps enjoying quiet contemplation at home before heading out to a religious or cultural service. It will put you into a spirit of togetherness, ready to enjoy the feelings of peace and celebration that underscore the meaning of the season.

Happy holidays.

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