Trenton mayor: 'No comment' about brother's arrest

TRENTON, N.J. - December 7, 2010

"No comment," Mayor Tony Mack said when asked about the arrest of his brother, Water Works employee Stanley "Muscle" Davis, on charges of official misconduct and theft by deception.

Davis, along with another Water Works employee, Robert Williams, are accused of getting paid to do private plumbing jobs with city equipment, on city time, then charging the city overtime to do the work.

Trenton's City Council President George Muschal recounted a conversation he says he had with Mayor Mack back in July in which he allegedly told the mayor about reports he'd been getting about illegal activities at Trenton Water Works.

"His answer was, 'My brother's a career criminal and if he gets locked up, it's on his own," Muschal said.

In order to catch Davis and Williams investigators set up a sting at a house on Home Ave. Knowing in advance there were no problems whatsoever with the water service there. Prosecutors say that didn't stop Davis and Williams from using a city water crew to dig up the street and install new water service.

Muschal, a retired policeman who supported Mack's election, says after he told the mayor of the alleged shenanigans at the Water Works and nothing happened, he took his information to authorities.

"You can't let the thievery go on, corruption go on. Especially when you're aware of it," Muschal said.

While the mayor deals with the fallout from this public embarrassment and several others in his new administration, his brother is being held on $200,000 bail. Prosecutors say the investigation is continuing and more arrests could be coming.

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