Heart recipient meets donor's family

PHILADELPHIA, PA.; December 15, 2010

Jessica Melore and Tammy Eckert got together at the Gift of Life donor program to decorate a special picture of Eckert's daughter Shannon.

The picture, called a floragraph, will be on the Donate Life float in the upcoming Rose Parade.


he two have talked often in the 11 years since Melore received Shannon's heart, but never found the right moment to meet - till today.

Jessica told us, "I always think of shannon, and, you know, i'm reminded of her all the time, and the incredible gift she gave."

"I was overwhelmed a part of shannon lives on, and helped somebody who needed it," says Tammy Eckert.

The theme for this year's float is "Seize the Day." I will have a series of diamond-shaped, butterfly, and tubular kites, in a colorful array.

The tails of the kits will be decorated with pictures of 60 deceased donors. 30 recipients will ride the float, including Jessica.

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