Accused: Roxborough locker room fun got out of hand

ROXBOROUGH - December 7, 2010

They asked that they not to be identified.

"I wasn't thinking at the time, I was just thinking of having fun and getting laughs, you know, and that's what it was about having fun and getting laughs," the accused Roxborough High School junior said.

The 16-year-old student says that he and six of his fellow juniors and seniors were trying to give wedgies to some of their underclassmen when things got out of hand Monday morning. He says that's when a 15-year-old freshmen was thrown to the ground and his underwear got ripped off him.

"Yeah, that's how it was with the wedgie, you know how it is with the wedgie, you pull somebody's underwear, I guess, I don't know what he had on, must have been cheap or something, I don't know and it ripped," the junior said.

But he swears he doesn't know anything about an alleged scheme to videotape the boy's privates and post the video on YouTube.

"I didn't see nobody with a camera phone when I was there," he said.

But in a police report obtained by Action News, the 15-year-old victim tells detectives from the Special Victims Unit that they were taking photos of his genitalia. The victim, whom we are not identifying, told Action News the same thing in an exclusive interview Monday night.

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Three of the accused students were suspended for five days, but the mother of one of the accused says things are being blown out of proportion.

"This is what children do and like I said, I'm not condoning what they did, they were totally out of line, but they just took the joke a little bit too far," the mother of one of the accused students said.

But the victim's mother thinks differently.

"[My son told me] 'one boy comes from behind and grabs me...and the other two were trying to rip my sneakers and pants and they completely ripped my underwear off.' What does she call that? What is that? Horseplay?" the mother of the 15-year-old said. "Dragging my son around while he's naked, taking pictures?"

Another 15-year-old student who witnessed the whole thing told Action News Monday night they also tried to do it to him and another student, but they were able to fight them off.

The witness' mother says she is deeply troubled by what she sees as out of control acts of bullying.

While police prepare to present their findings to the District Attorney's office, the school district, meanwhile, is continuing its own investigation to determine if further action is warranted.

The district stresses that it has a zero tolerance for acts of bullying in any of its schools.

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