Break-ins continue in Doylestown area

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. - December 8, 2010

The most recent break-in occured late last night.

The elderly couple inside was sleeping as two thieves made off with their TV, computer, jewelry, cash, passports and other items. When the culprits made enough noise to wake the victims, the 66-year-old man chased the home invaders out the backdoor.

Local investigators say they are certain the same two men are behind a total of six home break-ins and 18 vehicle break-ins in or near Doylestown Township over the past three weeks.

"The recklessness of it indicates, in my mind, someone trying for something that is easily tradable for drugs and they didn't care whether anybody was inside the house," Doylestown Township Police Department Chief Stephen White said.

White says that while no injuries have been reported in any of these cases, the men who are behind these break-ins are becoming increasingly bold. This is evident by the fact that last night, they ripped off a storm window to gain entry instead of seeking unlock doors as they have in the past.

"It's very fortunate that neither one of the homeowners were injured, but the danger that being stepped up by going into the occupied home and going upstairs really disturbs me," Chief White said.

Neighbors say the worst part is that many chose to live here because of how quiet and safe these neighborhoods usually are.

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