More people decorating with supersized nostalgia

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - December 8, 2010

"People are decorating more. They might not have as much money to spend, but they want to decorate and feel good," says Richard Kinderman, Director of Kindy's Factory Outlet.

This year, the bigger the better! Supersize it all, the ornaments, the poinsettias, the lights!

"These are modeled after the traditional c9 but they are twice as big," said Kinderman.

Speaking of traditional, Kinderman says the worse the economy gets, the more nostalgic we get. The big ceramic vintage bulbs, bubble lights and flicker flames are on fire right now.

Get a little funky with your faux firs and go retro with colorful, psychedelic trees.

The "going green" trend isn't going out of style anytime soon. And the eco-harmonious symphony of LED lights is built to impress.

"This is for the decorator proud to decorate and isn't shy to prove it to his neighbors, kind of like Chevy Chase," said Kinderman.

Jimmie Mayrant has one trend that might also withstand the test of time.

"I'm just doing it to keep the wife happy," said Jimmie Mayrant.

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