Maryland escaped prisoner caught in Germantown

OLNEY - December 12, 2010

The 22-year-old was captured on the 100 block of West Chelten Avenue at around 7:00 p.m.

Maryland State Police were on the hunt for Talley since Saturday night when they say he assaulted a guard at a pre-release correction unit in Baltimore and fled in a vehicle.

Investigators soon learned Talley was at his aunt's home on the 4700 block of Wayne Avenue in Germantown.

With the assistance of Philadelphia Police, authorities moved in.

Several blocks were shut down by police after detectives received reports Talley may have been armed with a gun.

He was captured a short time later a few blocks away.

Maryland State Police say Talley has been serving time for attempted murder and handgun convictions.

Investigators say Talley isn't talking. Authorities are working to obtain finger prints to positively ID Talley and then he will be sent back to Maryland.

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