Stolen SPCA truck found, $1,700 still missing

PHILADELPHIA - December 13, 2010

Investigators say it doesn't appear, though, that a stolen safe or the money that was in the safe were inside. The thief who stole the safe remains at large.

Only Action News was there as police recovered the stolen SPCA truck on the 4700 block of Disston Street in Tacony.

Officers spotted the abandoned vehicle while on patrol Monday night.

Detectives will now comb through it, searching for fingerprints and clues that could lead to the thief.

Investigators say the theft happened around 4:00 a.m. at the PSPCA Operations Center in the 100 block of West Hunting Park Avenue.

With most of the staff out on an emergency call and a lone female staffer inside, police say, the bandit showed up claiming he had a sick dog.

The staffer tells police, once the man got inside, he held a knife to her neck and demanded money.

The only money in the center is kept in a floor safe; on this day it held about $1,700.

The robber was able to lift the safe and, on his way out, took the keys to one of the PSPCA's red animal control trucks.

Police are trying to figure out why a robber would target this secured facility in the early morning, expecting to find money.

They are investigating the possibility of an inside job.

Authorities are hoping to identify the suspect who was captured on surveillance camera video.

So as of Monday night, the PSPCA has its truck back, but not the money and police have no suspects.

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