Three Temple students robbed at gunpoint

PHILADELPHIA - December 15, 2010

It all happened Monday afternoon near the school's dormitories. Two of the crimes happened on West Dauphin Street, while the third happened in the1500 block of West Norris Street.

In all of the crimes, the victims say a man brandished a silver handgun and demanded money. No one was hurt.

At least one of the robberies was committed by two men.

The robberies have rattled the campus. Campus police have stepped up patrols and Philadelphia police are keeping a closer eye on the surrounding neighborhoods.

"It think it's unfortunate, definitely, that you come to school and think you're safe then things like that happen," said Temple senior Karen Yorke.

Temple has almost doubled its resident population over the past few years. That means more potential targets, especially as students move into cheaper rental units off campus.

Despite this week's robberies, most say they still feel secure here.

"The campus really feels like a bubble, in general when I'm walking around. I've experienced things off-campus that have made me uncomfortable but nothing extreme," said Temple junior Daniel Mudd.

The University is reminding students that safety, especially off campus, is also a personal responsibility. They've sent out a list of common sense guidelines.

"We want them to be aware of their situation, we want them to be aware of what's around them. Don't talk on your cell phone... don't walk alone, walk in groups, don't take short cuts," said Ray Betzner of Temple University.

The students were blasted with emails and text messages informing them of the attacks. They seem to have gotten the message.

"Definitely aware - always stay with someone, never walk alone, make sure you don't walk too late at night," said Temple freshman Angelica Veneri.

Anyone with information or who sees anything suspicious is being asked to call 911.

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