Too many daily deal emails? Try Yipit

January 28, 2011 7:45:59 AM PST
On Saving with 6abc, we've introduced you to lots of daily deal sites that send emails offering 50% off or more on a certain product or service each day. The problem is, all those emails can be overwhelming. That's where a new site called comes in.

"Yipit is a daily deal aggregator that curates different daily deal sites from around the area," explains Yipit's Barrett Lane.

So, instead of getting one email from Living Social, another from Groupon, another from Buy With Me and so on, you get just one email each day. And you can narrow down the types of deals you're most likely to want.

Lane says, "If you're only interested in saving money on restaurants or spa services, you can actually check that in the filter and we'll only send you deals for restaurants and spa services every single day as they come up."

If you're traveling to another city and want to get daily deals from there, you simply change your profile -- and then change it back when your trip is over.

Daily Deal sites continue to grow in popularity because they offer savings to consumers and give retailers the opportunity to reach potential new customers.

And Barrett says research shows that consumers will go back to businesses they try with daily deal coupons, even after they're no longer offering the deals.

"I called 100 different businesses from across the country that use sites like this," Lane says. "Ninety-four percent of them said, they not only enjoyed the business they saw using these dailiy deals, but they woould absolutely do it again. Seventy-five percent saw consumers come back time and time again." If you'd like to sign up for Yipit, click here.