Corado search now focused on wooded area

FALLS TWP., Pa. - December 23, 2010

Investigators are expected to return to the wooded area this morning. The search area is located on Old Bristol Pike near a mobile home park, less than a half mile away from the apartment where 57-year-old Diane Corado was abducted, allegedly by her ex-boyfriend, back on Sunday.

Overnight, search crews scoured the area, even calling in a Philadelphia Police helicopter with an infrared camera to detect heat. It's unclear why they came out to search the area in the middle of the night. It was about a two-hour search before they called it off.

Police will only say that they are following up on every lead.

One officer told Action News, "We have detectives that have three-four hours sleep a day. We're starting to get discouraged."

Dozens of K9 officers and their dogs joined cadets from the Philadelphia Police Academy to search the field of Marple Park in Bristol on Wednesday. They were looking for any clue into the whereabouts of Diane Corado. Police say the Bucks County woman was beaten with a pipe and kidnapped from her Falls Township apartment early Sunday morning by her ex-boyfriend, 48-year-old Kenneth Patterson.

Sunday evening, Diane Corado's SUV was found in Camden with blood inside. Patterson was arrested with blood on him in a Maple Shade motel Sunday night and is now being held on $500,000 bail.

Patterson hid his face and turned his back on the judge during his first court appearance. He told the judge he will fight extradition to Pennsylvania to face kidnapping and other charges. Police say he has not cooperated with efforts to find Corado.

Since Sunday, as many as ten law enforcement agencies have joined the search for the registered nurse at locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. That search effort brought authorities back to Falls Township overnight.

Police at the scene said they received a number of reports from neighbors back on Sunday - when Corado was last seen - that they heard a woman screaming in the wooded area off Old Bristol Pike. Those reports may have been what brought them to the location in the overnight hours.

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