Last minute rush at area malls

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. - December 24, 2010

The malls were busy again today in the final hours of the Christmas shopping season.

This year's period between black Friday and the close of business on December 24th could be an all-time record breaker for retailers.

Sales are up nearly 3.5% from last year across the nation.

Why are so many out at the last minute? A mother and daughter have fun with that question.

"It's all her fault. It's all because of her. I was done, but she was not," said Lisa Scotteline.

"I spent too much time shopping for myself," said Amanda Cramer, leaving her Pollyanna gifts for family to the last minute.

"I'm not last minute desperate, but I'm last minute fun," said Wilma Murphy of Downingtown. "Yes, I am enjoying this because there are some last minute sales and we are finding things we like."

Two schoolmates were enjoying the last minute hustle and bustle and the challenge of the deadline.

"I'm not worried that I won't find anything. I just know that everything's on sale and everything's last minute, so everyone's trying to get rid of everything, so I'll find something guaranteed," said Amizero Muttu.

"I'm just lazy," said Angell Passarelli. "I forgot to go shopping, you know, kept putting it off, so here I am."

In Plymouth meeting, the atmosphere was more low-keyed at the smaller mall, something many last minute shoppers appreciate.

"I work, so it's normally last minute shopping, but I am finding everything that I want, so it's good. The prices are really cheap, so it's greater to shop last minute. It's cheaper now than it really was in the first place," said Acianna Moore.

For one man, getting any Christmas shopping spirit was an emotional struggle.

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