Day 2 of digging out from the storm

OVERBROOK - December 28, 2010

It seems Philadelphia is doing a good job digging out from this Nor'easter.

There's an unshoveled sidewalk here and there, and a few people still insist that the piece of roadway just beyond their curb is, in fact, a private parking space, but with the storm behind us Philadelphia has emerged relatively unscathed.

Now it's time to earn a few points. Take Charles Lyons of West Philadelphia. His wife's car WAS clear of snow yesterday.

Lyons tells us, "When the street plows come in, if you're fortunate enough to get your car out then you're good. If not, then you're stuck with everybody else as you can see."

A few blocks away Samuel Hubbard told us he knows where his bread is buttered.

"Just doing a little shoveling for my mother in law here. That's about it... Hopefully I get a good dinner tonight."

Like so many other men, Samuel is willing to work for food.

And then you have Bernie Ashley of Overbrook. Bernie says at this point in life, he feels no need to impress anyone. But when the snow comes... you gotta do what you gotta do.

"The sun has helped tremendously. But it's a lot of work... It's not fun at all."

Back to Charles Lyons who after 20 minutes of shoveling and pushing and spinning his wheels... The old Eagles blanket was all he really needed.

Lyons explains, "So the Eagles came through for me again. Used the blanket and pulled [the car] right out."

Of course, the big concern over the next couple of days will be the thawing and refreezing of the water on the roadways. So be careful of that black ice.

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