Responses: Agree with Rendell's criticism of NFL?

December 28, 2010

Phillip, Philadelphia
I disagree with Ed Rendell's comments. I do not think it was his place to publicly criticize the NFL's decision. He needs to focus on far more important things than about the postponement of a football game due to bad weather.

Paul, Aldan
I agree with Gov. Rendell. Football is supposed to be played in the elements. I also think that all football games should be played outdoors and on real grass. As far as fan safety is concerned, I think it is up to the fans themselves to determine if the trip to and from the stadium is safe and should not be a decision made by the NFL.

Stan, Delran
My 2 daughters had tickets for Sundays game and I am glad that the NFL decided to cancel the game. If Mr. Rendell and his childern had tickets they would not have had to brave the weather having government paid transportation. Maybe he should concern himself with running the State and leave football to the NFL.

Mary Hall, Claymont DE
I think he was definitely out of line. He doesn't seem to have any concern for the safety of the fans. Would he have said that if it was an election day and people couldn't get to the polls to vote? He better head to his psychiatrist for a mental examination.

Belinda, Philadelphia
I disagree with Governor Rendell's comments. Safety is first. This game was not being played on a neighborhood empty lot where the fans can walk to. Has he forgotten how "intense" Philly fans are???? Either a win or a loss would have the fans excited or upset and not totally attentive to the weather conditions.

M. Loutzenhiser, Marlton,NJ
I think the governor was totally out of line.And where did he get the idea that the roads were clear.And was he going to shovel out all the stranded cars?

Joseph B. Collins, Northampton
As one of those driving when the snow started, seeing two accidents various stuck vehicles and sliding through two intersections while doing less than 20 mph in my 4wd vehicle before there was more than 1.5 inches of snow on the ground I do believe that the NFL and Mayor Nutter made the right decision and that Gov. Rendell was wrong. I grew up in this area and have driven in snow in this area and as far north as Maine and conditions at the beginning of this last storm were the most treacherous I have ever seen. I can't imagine what would have happened with all the people driving to and from the game.

Cathy, Seaside Park
His comments go to show how out of touch Ed Rendell is with the average guy. he calls us wusses for not driving in a major snow storm, yet he doesn't drive AT ALL.. he has a DRIVER do it for him.. good weather or bad...he's the wuss

James, Philadelphia
The Governor and other critics should recall the last time the EAGLES played at home in a snow filled stadium. It wasn't one of the city's best moment (remember BOUNTY BOWL).

Cheryl Saul, Emmaus
Because he is currently Governor his comment was inappropriate and way out of line. As Governor, his priority is to ensure the safety of the state's residents, NOT worry about not getting to see a football game. I am a huge Eagles fan, but I have common sense as well... something our Governor is sorely lacking.

Hank, Brick, N.J.
He is out of line. He should had to think of the safety of the fans. We had a blizzard.

Kristen, Whitemarsh
Rendell was way out of line. The roads were too dangerous for the thousands of people who would be going to the game. Then you mix that with the alcohol that alot of people would be drinking. It's a recipe for disaster. How about the governor worry about his job and leave public safety up to the NFL and the city of Philadelphia

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