Airline causes pizza pandemonium at local parlor

PROSPECT PARK - December 29, 2010

Cornerstone Pizza, a mom and pop shop in Prospect Park, churned out some 800 pizzas for US Airways.

The airline ordered the pies for their employees who have been working long hours to get back to normal operations due to the storm.

Co-owner Dave Shearn couldn't believe it when he got the call

"I stumbled into Fort Knox and they started throwing gold bricks at me," Shearn said.

In all, the order came to 810 pizzas over the course of 3 days. Never in Shearn's 23 years in the pizza business has he received an order like this and to top it all off, the Eagles were playing last night and his regulars were ordering pizza, too.

"It was chaos, complete chaos, it looked like a hurricane hit the place," Shearn said.

It's been no small order of business, pun intended, to fill the order from US Airways. Kamal Jamai actually spent the night at the shop making the dough and ingredients.

"No sleep, really, really long hours, I'm going on 26 hours," Jamai said.

So we asked him if he was dreaming of pizzas. Jamai responded, "I'm having nightmares of pizzas."

Dave has had to call his distributors to keep bringing more and more ingredients to make the pizzas.

In this bad economy, for Cornerstone Pizza, it's just what the doctor ordered.

"I feel like we are very blessed and we are very lucky to get the order," Shearn said.

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