Del. police discover body in landfill

WILMINGTON, Del. - December 31, 2010

There among the loads of trash, workers found the body of a man. It appears he had been dumped with a load of medical waste.

The fire department's hazmat team was called in to help with the investigation.

Police are calling it a suspicious death, not ready to say if foul play was involved.

"That we don't know. It's too early at this time. Right now it is just a preliminary investigation that's on going," said Captain Elmer Harris of Wilmington Police.

The police don't have a lot to work with. They didn't find any forms of identification on the body.

Police have taken fingerprints and will have to rely on those and dental records, and any missing persons reports that might come in.

They're not saying if there were any obvious signs of trauma.

The body could have come from anywhere. Commercial, municipal and private haulers bring in trash from all over the Wilmington area.

They're hoping the medical waste found with the body will offer a clue.

It may be some time before they know the cause of death.

"That's going to have to be determined by the medical examiners when they conduct an autopsy sometime today or tomorrow," said Captain Harris.

At this point, police don't know where the load might have been picked up. It was a dumped by a private hauler they haven't been able to identify.

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