Man killed by police suspected in guard shooting

January 3, 2011 3:17:30 PM PST
A man who was cut down by police gunfire after himself opening fire on officers is now suspected of shooting a security guard in the neck.

Darryl Moore, a 52-year-old career criminal, led police in a chase Friday night that ended around 8:00 pm. near Walnut and South Frazier.

There, police say, Moore shot Officer Adam O'Donnell in the stomach. O'Donnell escaped serious harm thanks to his bulletproof vest. Another officer was grazed by gunfire, but escaped serious injury.

Police now say Moore was the gunman who shot a security guard in the neck during a gas station robbery in mid-December. Police say he was identified by the victim, Howard Rubin, over the weekend.

It happened the night of December 15th. Rubin, a private security guard, was on a lunch break when Moore allegedly getting into an argument in the gas station mini-mart.

"He was acting like he was off his medicine," Rubin said.

Rubin says he tried to get Moore to pay for antifreeze he grabbed when Moore opened fire.

"I saw a flash, and that was the bullet going into my neck," said Rubin.

Court records show Moore had a history of violent crime including aggravated assault and robbery dating back to the late 1970's.

Moore may be gone, but Rubin says he will never forget his encounter with him.

"God don't like ugly. I figure it was time for him to meet his maker," said Rubin.

Moore's death in that New Year's Eve gun battle with police has not closed the book on him. Police are now looking at him as a possible suspect in other unsolved gunpoint crimes.