Packers fan finds car vandalized outside stadium

The vandalized car of Packers fan Craig Coenen from Macungie, Pa. is shown in the parking lot of Citizens Bank Park after an Eagles loss on January 9, 2011.

January 9, 2011 8:17:49 PM PST
Craig Coenen and his father Theodore had driven down for the game from Macungie, Pa., but their drive back home will be in a car that may have sustained thousands in damage.

"We pulled into the lot, some crazy guys pulled in after us and gave us the finger coming in," Craig told Action News.

But what these Green Bay Packers fans found upon leaving the game was even more unpleasant.

"Came out and noticed my car had been trashed pretty much, left side, right side, dents, windshield wipers torn off," Craig said.

So Craig, who resides in Macungie, and his father were then left to pick up the pieces.

They believe it was the same Eagles fans who saw them arriving, explaining they were drinking heavily and took the rivalry way too far.

"It's just terrible that people can do that over a game, they even have footprints going right up the side of the car on to the top, they walked on top of the car. What kind of mentality does that take?" Theodore said.

They tell Action News another nearby car owned by Packers fans also sustained some damage, but for these die hard Packers fans it's all about perspective.

"But the Packers won, so everything's okay," Craig said, trying to add some levity to the situation.