Nova's Szczur chooses MLB over NFL

January 21, 2011 8:05:26 AM PST
Matt Szczur is known around the area as the Villanova football star who led the team to their first National Championship in 2009.

What you might not know is the wide receiver is even better with a bat - a baseball bat.

"Villanova is not really on the map for baseball or football, we're primarily a basketball school, I think it's a little bit surprising for people to find out that I'm a good baseball player," Szczur said.

Szczur is so good, the Chicago Cubs drafted him in the 5th round over the summer.

Now, the Villanova grad has just decided to give up his dream of playing in the NLF to take a swing at the majors.

"It would have been a tough decision either way, if I had to give up baseball or give up football, but at the end of the day, I know I made a great decision and I'm happy with it," Szczur said.

A big deciding factor is the big money the Cubs gave him - $1.5-million - to play ball.

The other factor is his health.

"I love both the same, I love football, I love baseball, but a lot had to play in injury factory. I missed a lot of games senior year," Szczur said.

Szczur is working out with the Villanova baseball team as he gets ready for spring training.

"It will be great to be here, come back with some of the guys I've played with the previous seasons, as well as the coaches, [they're] unbelievable," he said.

Time is ticking. The Cubs project him to be their starting centerfielder in 3 years