Witness follows hit and run driver

January 31, 2011 4:16:45 PM PST
In Lansdowne, police say a witness should be credited with chasing down a hit and run driver and holding him at bay until police arrived to make an arrest.

"I'm like no, I got to get the license plate number, I got to get the license plate number,"

That was mindset of Kadeeja Dike after witnessing an auto accident at Stewart and Union avenues.

Lansdowne police say 18-year-old Curt Swieder slammed into the victim's vehicle after running a red light.

"Sent it into a 360, causing her to hit the light pole and immediately I thought she was hurt and I immediately, don't ask me where it came, I did a u-turn and was on the chase," Dike said.

Kadeeja says she followed Swieder to Glenwood Avenue and had him trapped at this dead end. He got out of his vehicle and appeared to be calm, but then decided to take off once again.

"He kind of pushed me out of his way and? I said, 'I can't let him hit me anymore, I got the plate, that's it, I'm going to let him go,' and he took off fleeing again," Dike said.

But Kadeeja had already called police and they found Swieder's vehicle on the unit block of East Stewart Avenue. His car was parked in a neighbor's driveway, but officers followed some of his footprints to a nearby apartment.

Police say he admitted to the hit and run accident and credit Kadeeja for helping to apprehend him.

Fortunately, the accident victim was not seriously injured.

"If you would ask me, would I do this? I probably would do it differently, not blocking that person in. I had the license plate number, that should have been enough, but turned out to be a good situation," Dike said.