Penn State sophomore returns home from Egypt

February 3, 2011 3:39:20 PM PST
Penn State sophomore Chad Miller is safely back home now and it's a huge relief for his parents who've watched as things turned ugly in Egypt.

He was in Egypt studying Arabic at the University of Cairo.

Like any curious college kid, he decided to check it out when the protests started.

"There were just police lining the streets; it was pretty crazy," Chad said.

Tahrir Square was packed with people and they weren't all friendly.

"They weren't even police officers, they were a group of Arab men who were just shooing us away, yelling at us, so at that point, I was just like, 'OK, we should probably get out of here, things seem to picking up here, we should probably get out,'" Chad said.

Chad and his friends sought refuge in a branch campus on the square.

"Eventually they did let us into the university after we showed our ID cards, they knew we were students and they felt it would be safe enough for us to be there," Chad said.

Chad's major is International Politics and he got a lesson in that he'll never forget.

"I sent out a mass e-mail right before the internet went down, I was saying, 'it may be dangerous, but I'm glad I'm here to witness this piece of history,'" Chad said.

Back home, his parents kept in touch by cell phone.

They are relieved to see him home safe.

"It was upsetting that he was there, but you could tell it was still under control, now what you see in the news, it definitely escalated to where now we would be concerned for his wellbeing," Chad's father Gary Miller said.

Chad was only in Egypt for a week and a half, but he made a lot of new friends and now feels a strong affinity for the people of Egypt. His heart is with them.