$10,000 wedding ring flushed down toilet

When Kristen Kalis flushed her toilet, one of the rings slipped from her hand, into the toilet, and down the drain.

February 17, 2011 5:01:45 AM PST
A Pennsylvania woman had a stressful Valentine's Day when she accidentally flushed her $10,000 dollar wedding ring down the toilet.

Kristen Kalis told her husband, and for some reason he wasn't all that upset.

She then called a series of plumbers. Every one told her the ring would never be found. Except the last one she called.

That plumber, Steve Cirigliano, showed up and went to work.

"I was thinking the chances were slim but I was going to give it my all to try to get it for her," Cirigliano said.

So, after checking for the ring with a camera didn't spot anything, there was one thing left to do... suck out everything with a vacuum.

He went to the main sewer trap outside, lowered the hose and turned on his ShopVac.

"Stuck the ShopVac down through here. It's about four feet deep. Sucked it all out. After all the water was drained out, unplugged the ShopVac, took off the lid, dumped the water out and there was the ring."

"I'm like screaming and yelling outside," Kalis said. "I'm hugging him. I'm telling him that I love him. I was just so, so happy."