Grave robbers steal vases in New Castle

February 15, 2011 4:02:49 PM PST
Grave robbers in New Castle, Delaware have been stealing bronze vases from Graceland Memorial Park and a lot of them.

When Sandy Windsor came to put flowers on the graves of her father and grandmother, the bronze vase attached to the grave marker was missing. She looked around and what she saw was shocking. The vases had been stolen from grave after grave.

Since mid-January about 140 vases have been taken from the cemetery and likely sold for scrap metal.

The 8-pound vases snap into place to hold the flowers. The ones taken were apparently popping through the snow that covered the graves at the time.

A brazen attempt in broad daylight was spotted, but the bandits dropped some of the vases and got away in a maroon van with a Pennsylvania tag.

"It makes me feel sick. How could you do that?" Lynsey Torterotot of Newark said.

Joan Dusek learned of the theft today when she brought Valentine flowers to her boyfriend's grave. The vases cost $128 to replace and the families will have to bear the cost.

"I'm concerned if we buy another one that it'll be stolen again," Torterotot said.

"It makes me sad to come to my dad's gravesite and there's a hole," Windsor said, adding they are looking into buying a cap for the grave.

The stolen vases may be long gone, but if anyone knows where they've ended up or who stole them they're urged to call Delaware State Police at 302-834-2630.