Hero cop saves woman's life

February 15, 2011 4:56:17 PM PST
Though Mary Beth Esposito doesn't remember the day, her husband, Steven, does.

It was the day his 45-year-old wife suffered a heart attack. Her physicians now say that for two minutes she was dead.

"I looked at her chest, she wasn't breathing, and I called 911 right away," Steven said.

By chance, Spring Township Police Officer Nathan Getz and Sgt. Todd Peterson were patrolling just blocks away and heard the EMS dispatch on police radio.

They were at the Esposito's home within moments.

But more importantly, their squad cars were equipped with defibrillators.

The reason they had defibrillators is because Reading Hospital launched a program to equip every single squad car within Berks County with one of those devices and to train every single police officer how to use them.

It's a program that went into effect less than a month ago.

So, just a few weeks after receiving it, Officer Getz now had to use it.

He admits to being a little nervous.

"The training was there and I knew what needed to be done," Getz said.

And it worked.

The shock restarted Mary Beth's heart.

The ambulance arrived a few minutes later and took her to the hospital where doctors implanted a stent to reopen the clogged blood vessel. Mary Beth and Steven say they've recieved the greatest gift of all - a second chance at life together.

"He's my everything," Mary Beth said.

"She's a devoted wife, she means everything to me," Steven said.