Police warn of burglaries in Bucks community

February 16, 2011 3:10:43 PM PST
Police in Northampton Township, Bucks County are warning businesses and homeowners to be on alert in the wake of a rash of burglaries in the area.

It was 3:30 Sunday morning when Vinny Pagano stopped in at his Holland Lawn Mower shop on Buck Road in Northampton and interrupted a burglar with the help of his dog, Weezie.

"Her ears went up and she ran right into this room right here. All of a sudden I heard all of these mowers getting overturned, somebody was falling into something," Pagano said.

Police believe, within an hour, that same suspect was rummaging through a loft shed on a property nearby as well as Vinny's next door neighbor, JFR Auto Supply.

"There was a shoe pattern that was located near both the businesses that had the same pattern," said Det. John Gross of Northampton Police.

Bill Roscoe, the owner of JFR Auto Supplies, says the thief bypassed thousands of dollars worth of tools and other gear and headed straight to the office where he stole a pair of World War II Japanese rifles with bayonets and a sword.

"They knew what they wanted. I guess it's easy to get rid of the stuff, pawn it," said Roscoe.

While police investigate, they are reminding residents and businesses to turn on burglar alarms if they have them.

"This way it gives the police a head start down there to find out what's going on," said Det. George Kelly of the Northampton Police. "You have it, you paid for it, put it on."

Just so he's not a target again, Billy Roscoe is now installing lights, window bars, motion detectors and cameras.

Police don't believe it's connected, but are also looking into a report that on Monday afternoon a 12-year-old boy returning from school heard voices in his Hidden Cove Drive home and saw three hooded men leaving through the front door.