Duct-taped photo mom may face more charges

February 17, 2011 3:06:22 PM PST
A judge has placed Caira Ferguson in jail without bail and the police may not be done with her just yet.

Action News has learned that more charges are coming in connection with, what turned out to be, cyberwarfare that blew up in Ferguson's face.

Ferguson's mother and grandmother had no comment today to Action News cameras.

But, the rest of the world has weighed in on the picture that went viral on the internet.

The photo shows her at the time 18-month-old daughter's hands, feet, and mouth bound by duct tape.

Police say it was Ferguson herself who went to the police with the picture in the middle of a full out war with two former friends on Facebook.

One of them posted the picture to an internet website when things turned ugly.

Police sources say Ferguson, 21, then sought revenge by fabricating a case of identity theft.

They say she opened accounts with PECO and Comcast and then claimed one of her Facebook enemies had fraudulently opened the accounts in her name.

They say she thought she could deflect the uproar created by the picture by claiming she was being victimized.

Now she may face charges of making false statements.

Ferguson is already charged with endangering her daughter and false imprisonment.

Her daughter is now in the custody of the girl's godparents who live right across the street from Ferguson's mother.

The duct taping took place in a house in Wallingford where Ferguson lived with friends last summer.

Neighbors say it was a party house and the police were there often.

"There was a lot of people in and out of there, I didn't keep track of them?it's kind of scary to think that [was going on]," neighbor Jeff Bostell said.

It is unusual for someone to be held without bail on anything less than a murder charge. But, the judge who arraigned Ferguson last night, was so disgusted with the case, he abruptly ended the process by saying, "No bail. You go to jail. We're done here."

Ferguson remains in jail at least until her preliminary hearing 11 days from now.