Police want you to spend Friday night at the movies

PHILADELPHIA - February 25, 2011

In an age where it seems nowhere is outside the view of at least one camera, Philadelphia Police have some video they say people need to see.

The images shown on PhillyPolice.com, was captured on cameras all over the city, and it could help capture some pretty bad criminals.

"You could actually solve a crime by staying in your house, sitting on your couch, with your laptop, you could solve a crime right from your living room," said Lt. Ray Evers.

They are, police say, the worst of the worst; men and women suspected of violent, often unthinkable crimes, and they thought those crimes went unseen.

Not only were they recorded, but the video is almost as crisp as can be.

"Great quality and great facial features," according to Lt. Evers.

As part of its new, and re-tooled website, Philadelphia Police have rolled out what they're calling Video Villains, a top 10 list of suspected criminals who police hope the videos will help catch.

"This is a male, happened in May of last year. We need to get this guy off the street," said Lt. Evers.

The man in the video, police say, committed a violent sexual assault on a young girl in a Northeast Philadelphia Target Parking Lot. Unlike most cases, where video is blurred and grainy, his face is easy to see.

"We know that the public, someone out in the public knows this male," says Lt. Evers.

In another video, a man is seen robbing a store on North 63rd Street at point of gun. His face is unhidden.

Another suspect robs a Bristol Street bar. He is hooded, but unmasked.

Just a few videos police plan to showcase on the website on a rotating basis, circulating through suspects whose identity may be easiest to determine.

Lt. Ray Evers says it is all part of social media strategy, getting to people through the technology they use, and allowing them to help investigators without worrying about retribution.

"You watch our video, you recognize someone, you know that person, all we want you to do is submit a tip," explains Lt. Evers.

It's just that easy.

According to Lt. Evers, there are a lot of other new features on the website, so it is worth checking out.

To get to the video villains page, click on news, and right here you'll find the link for the videos and more.


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