Local mother tracks down son in Japan

March 14, 2011 3:22:25 PM PDT
Judy Seagreaves' son Ken flew to Japan last week to reunite with some past students he taught there.

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He was on a train to Sendai when the 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck there.

"We just manned the phones. We had five to six cell phones going, three computers and just calling embassies, Red Cross, Japanese emergency service," Judy said.

That was Friday.

Relatives in Japan had heard Ken was taken off the train and taken to a refugee camp.

"You just can't describe it. You go to a minute of a high to hours of lows," Judy said.

One of those highs was when the family got an email from a Blackberry in Japan saying Ken was safe and sound. Still time went by and they had not spoken to him by phone.

They could only watch the nuclear threat and horror unfold on TV.

"It's very surreal and I know people used that term a lot, but I didn't know what the word meant until now," Ken's aunt Rose Tukeva said.

Finally, after days of exhaustive phone calls and Facebook emails, the family tracked down Ken.

"He said, 'Mom I was in the thick of it,'" Judy said.

The phone call was brief.

But the news was a relief unlike any they've experienced.

"We are very excited for my son, but we're still hurting for Japan," Judy said.

Ken Seagreaves' father and grandmother also went to Japan on a different flight. They landed in northern Japan and the family quickly got in contact with them. They are also safe and sound.

Emergency Information

For emergency information, assistance, and locating family in connection with earthquake in Japan: http://www.facebook.com/l/6b2e3a9CLMNbUwBsOw1jOL8d5aw/www.jhelp.com

Phone numbers in US and Japan:

202 559 4683
800 373 1110
0570 000 911
011 81 90 7170 4769
011 81 90 3080 6711