Police: Cabbie surrenders after hit and run

March 24, 2011 2:33:25 PM PDT
Police are expected to charge a taxi driver who struck a pedestrian overnight in Philadelphia's Port Richmond section.

It was just after midnight when, investigators say, a 27-year-old man was crossing the roadway on the 3300 block of Aramingo Avenue.

While crossing, the victim was struck by a cab that kept going.

Police say there were witnesses and a piece of the cab was left behind. That helped them track down the vehicle at a nearby repair shop a few hours later.

"We found the cab at 32nd and Spring Garden actually getting body work done. That car was seized and it is now part of evidence," said Lt. Ray Evers of the Philadelphia Police.

Investigators eventually learned the driver's name and he turned himself in. Sources say the cabbie, who has not yet been identified, told the repair shop that he hit an animal.

He has been questioned by accident investigators and is expected to be charged.

"Accidents do happen. But, by him leaving the scene and going to a long distance - from Aramingo and Westmoreland to Center City up on a lift getting work done ? There's a lot more culpability there," said Lt. Evers.

The driver faces a number of charges included aggravated assault, simple assault and leaving the scene of a crash.

The victim is listed in critical but stable condition with head trauma and a broken leg.