3 sought in armed NJ jewelry store robbery

Pictured: The three suspects sought in the robbery of a Kay Jewelry store in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

March 25, 2011 8:56:37 AM PDT
Police are looking for three people involved in the armed robbery of a jewelry store in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

The heist happened around 7:45 p.m. Wednesday at the Kay Jewelers store at Market Place on Route 70 and Haddonfield Road.

It all began when a man and a woman entered the store and began looking at engagement rings. A short time later, another man entered the store and also began looking at jewelry in the same counter as the couple.

As three employees helped them, the male half of the couple pulled out a gun from a coat pocket and all three started ordering workers to fill a bag with diamond rings.

The workers were then ordered into a back room. The woman left with the bag, and the men left a few moments later.

All three suspects used their cell phones throughout the robbery, police said.

The female suspect is described as a black woman who was wearing a grey and white striped, three quarter length knit sweater/coat and was carrying a distinct tote/gift type bag with a picture of a large panda bear on the side of it.?

The male suspect with the gun is described as a black man who was wearing a distinct jacket with "Akademiks Black Hornets" written in cursive on the back.?

The second black male suspect is described as a black man who wore his pant legs above a boot level. He also wore a knit hat and appeared to possibly be trying cover up a dreadlock type of hairstyle, had a beard and mustache and thin wire rimmed eyeglasses.?

All three suspects appeared to be in their late 20s to mid 30s. ?

There was no immediate word on how much jewelry was stolen from the store.

Anyone with information is requested to contact the 24hour police line at (856) 488- 7828.