Police: Pa. man texted buddy to prepare burglary

April 15, 2011 6:36:53 AM PDT
A western Pennsylvania man is jailed on charges he burglarized a former high school friend's home after text messaging the victim to ensure he wasn't home.

Thirty-one-year-old James Hill, of Murrysville, waived his right to a preliminary hearing and is awaiting trial on burglary and other charges. Murrysville police say this incident happened on April 4, and that they're investigating similar incidents involving at least two other former classmates at Franklin Regional High School.

Police say the homeowner left work and saw Hill exiting the residence and called police after another friend saw Hill entering the home through the garage and alerted the victim.

Police say Hill pawned jewelry he stole to support a drug habit.

Hill's attorney says his client "feels bad about what he did" but says the incident isn't as simple as police described.