Get deals on municipal surplus items

May 13, 2011 8:16:12 AM PDT is a website where cities, towns and their various departments can sell surplus items. And where shoppers can pick up all sorts of bargains.

CEO Greg Berry explains, "There are great deals to be had. It's really a win-win sceanrio for the government agencies, they're selling the items for a lot more than they used to. But it's also great deals for the general public."

Montgomery County will be using the site to sell off used computers and other I-T equipment. Chief Procurement Officer Tom Snyder gave us a sneak peek.

Snyder says, "This is an accumulation of computer parts and components that we've had probably for 10-12 years. We finally made up our mind we've run out of space. It's time to sell it and free up the space and clean some other items out."

The computer gear will be sold in lots, for pennies on the dollar of the original prices.

And Berry is confident someone will buy it all.

"There is a market for this stuff. You would look at some of this and think, 'Wow this is 5-10 years old.' But yet, people still bid on that. And the beauty of it that we expose this out to a nationwide audience of bidders, so you really never know who's out there."

In the past, has sold a bridge, a field of corn to be harvested, and there are always lots of cars and equipment -- like a riding mower with a starting bid price of $100.

Buyers pay a 5% commission in addition to the purchase price.

To check out the items for sale, click here.