Duo of dogs deter gaggle of geese

April 18, 2011 3:30:37 PM PDT
You know what it's like to hopscotch your way through a minefield of goose droppings from a gaggle of geese who've left their calling cards behind.

"It's disgusting. It's disgusting. Kills the grass. if it gets on you, it's just terrible," William Jones of Mt. Holly said.

Faced with that problem, officials in Hainesport recently called in help - the four-legged kind, Marlie and Sadie, two border collies on staff at Geese Chasers.

Geese Chasers is a Mt. Laurel company that's been humanely getting rid of the pesky feathered offenders since 1998.

The dogs can mimic the behavior of the arctic fox, a natural predator of Canada Geese.

"It scares the geese away and keeps them away. It lets the geese know this is not a safe area to for them to feed, roost, nest," Geese Chasers CEO Bob Young said.

Of particular interest to Hainesport officials are the soccer fields behind the municipal building. They've just been resodded and they don't want the lush grass to turn in to a port-o-potty for Canada Geese.

"I actually coach a few teams so I'm out on the fields constantly. It was very messy," Hainesport Mayor Mike Dickinson said.

"There really isn't a delicate way to say it, we just don't want the kids and adults to be stepping in that stuff," Township Business Adminstrator Paul Tuliano said.

"We come in the mornings and late afternoons initially to break up their feeding patterns," Young said. There's enough demand and Geese Chasers has been so successful that Bob Young plans to open franchises nationwide.

The geese won't like it, but his four-legged employees are all excited about the idea!