Flood waters linger in parts of NJ

Chopper 6 was over Bridgeport, NJ on Tuesday, April 19th, as some properties were still flooded after the weekend rain.

April 19, 2011 2:57:03 PM PDT
It's been nearly three days since flooding surprised many residents in Bridgeport, New Jersey and still some roads are still flooded.

The combination of heavy rain, full moon high tides and a string wind keeping the tied in contributed to some of the worst flooding in years in the Gloucester County community along Raccoon Creek.

"This is the worst flood since 1957 when the club originated," said Tim Corcoran of the Raccoon Creek Boat Club. Corcoran said, of the 10 boats stored there, eight of them were damaged.

At one point, the water was about five feet high in the boat club's parking lot. The view from Chopper 6 on Tuesday showed the extent of the flooding several days after the storm pulled away.

Christine Paz couldn't believe it when she came home early Sunday morning and stepped from her car.

"I"m like, 'Where's my dad when I need him? He would know what to do!' I just felt lost," said Christine Paz of Bridgeport. "As I walked closer to the apartment, I'm in water up to my knee."

The soaked drywall has been cut away and fans are being used to dry out the tiny apartment. To make matters worse, Paz said her cat - Scruffy, blind in one eye - has been stuck in a 40 foot high tree since the flooding began.

Officials say once the water recedes a little more they'll be able to get Scruffy out. However, that may not happen until Wednesday.