Toll fare lowered at Street Road Interchange

April 21, 2011 12:56:17 PM PDT
The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is lowering tolls for people who exit at the Street Road Interchange in Bucks County.

The new E-ZPass Only exit opened in November and provides quick access to the Parx Casino.

85 percent of the people exiting at Street Road get on the turnpike between Valley Forge and Willow Grove. Those drivers will pay 55 to 88 cents less.

Here are the most-common current and new E-ZPass rates to exit via Street Road along with the savings motorists can expect next week:
Passenger-Vehicle Toll to Exit via Street Road
Entry Point: #326 Valley Forge Current Toll: $3.65 New Toll: $3.10 Difference: -$0.55
Entry Point: #333 Norristown and #20 Mid-County Current Toll: $2.98 New Toll: $2.12 Difference: -$0.86
Entry Point: #339 Fort Washington Current Toll: $2.33 New Toll: $1.78 Difference: -$0.55
Entry Point:#343 Willow Grove Current Toll: $2.00 New Toll: $1.12 Difference: -$0.88

The passenger-vehicle toll for those who enter at Street Road will be as follows: The toll to exit at Delaware Valley drops from $1.33 to $1.21, and the toll to exit via the Delaware River Bridge drops from $2 to $1.88. In the rare occasion that someone gets on at Bensalem and gets off at Street Road, the charge will be the Turnpike's minimum E-ZPass rate of $1.