Beach replenishment set to begin at shore

April 22, 2011 3:18:05 PM PDT
Danny and Mairead Cassidy are in Avalon visiting their grandparents for Easter as they stand on a 10 foot cliff overlooking what's left of the Beach at 20th Street.

They, and many others here, are glad that the borough's beach replenishment project is about to begin.

"I definitely think they need it. You can just see when the water comes up there's almost no beach," Danny Cassidy, of Oaks, Pa. said.

"When we come back down here we want to be able to sit on the beach and we don't have a lot of room right now," said Lynn Robinson of Newark, Delaware.

That will soon change. The beach at the north end of Avalon is covered with pipes and heavy equipment ready to begin the $8.7 million project under the direction of the Army Corps of Engineers.

"We are adding nearly a half million cubic yards of sand on the beachfront from eighth street down to 30th street," said Avalono spokesman Scott Wahl. "So, about half of Avalon's beachfront is getting a brand-new beach with this project."

The key piece of equipment in this project is due to arrive this weekend from Florida and is expected to begin pumping sand on the beach by Monday.

The Avalon project will be finished by Memorial Day. Then, it's on to building up the beaches in Stone Harbor.