Students help clean up Washington Square

May 9, 2011 3:40:40 PM PDT
Around 50 seventh graders from McCall Elementary School were happy to dig in at Washington Square today.

"When people come to Philadelphia, and they see how beautiful this park is, we would just say McCall Elementary helped out with this park, and it is just an honor because we all do so much work on this," 7th grader Mia Richie said.

Weeding, mulching, and exploring; it was kind of like science class outdoors!

"We are happy because we get to touch stuff, it's hands on training and we get to plant other flowers and make the environment look cute," 7th grader Rosemary Carissa Fleurimond said.

The Society Hill Civic Association invites the students each year to participate in this preservation effort, and the National Park Service says it's the perfect way to show the kids how to be good neighbors.

"It teaches them teamwork, for one thing, and it teaches them how fun it is to get your hands dirty," National Historical Park Superintendent Cynthia MacLeod said.

The Society Hill Civic Association also hosts fundraisers all throughout the year and today they handed over a $25,000 check to install a brand new irrigation and sprinkler system here at Washington Square Park.

"Hopefully we will have it in by the end of July in order to properly water the flower beds and also the lawn," Vice President of the Society Hill Civic Association Sissie Lipton said.

And properly preserve the hard work of these very proud young green thumbs!