Wheeler's wife believes murder not random

Katherine Klyce

May 19, 2011 3:28:22 PM PDT
It was New Year's Eve when the body of Pentagon consultant John Wheeler was found in a Delaware landfill and we know little more about the circumstances of his death now than we did then.

But now Wheeler's wife has elected to start talking about her husband's death.

Katherine Klyce says she doesn't think her husband Jack was confused when he was seen wandering around Wilmington during the last hours of his life.

She says he appeared to be afraid of something.

"I think he was afraid and he looked afraid to me in the videotape," Klyce said.

Since the former White House and Pentagon adviser's body was found in that landfill, the mystery has grown as conspiracy theories abound. Was he eliminated by government or foreign agents? Was he the victim of street crime?

Or did it have something to do with the legal war he waged with the people building a house across the street that blocks his view? Someone tried to fire bomb the house and investigators found Wheeler's cell phone inside.

"I tried to call his cell phone and it went straight to voicemail," Klyce said.

Klyce doesn't believe her husband's murder was random.

"It sounded like someone who had thought it out pretty carefully what to do with him and they didn't take his watch or his class ring," Klyce said.

Almost five months later, the house of contention across the street is nearing completion. The police wish they could say the same for their investigation,

"Unfortunately, these things can take time. Obviously, there's details of the investigation we can't release because we don't want to risk jeopardizing that investigation," Newark Police Lt. Mark Farrall said.

The police say it is still a very much active investigation. They are getting help from other law enforcement agencies and the FBI. But, they still don't have a crime scene.

And they have no idea how Wheeler ended up in a dumpster in Newark just hours after he was last seen on video surveillance near the Hotel DuPont in downtown Wilmington.