6 horses dead in Chester County barn fire

Fire in Chester County has destroyed a horse barn.

May 31, 2011 10:21:27 AM PDT
A raging barn fire resulted in the death of six horses overnight in Chester County.

The fire started around 12:30 Tuesday morning when flames broke out at the True Prospect Farm, located at 248 Hood Road in West Marlborough.

Eleven horses were in the barn when flames broke out. Three people, identified as Lillian Heard, Caitlin Silliman, and Ryan Wood, were able to rescue several horses from the blaze. Tragically, Action News has learned that six horses perished in the fire.

Of the five that were rescued, four of the horses are currently in treatment at The University of Pennsylvania New Bolton Center.

Heard, Silliman, and Wood were treated and released from Jennersville Hospital for minor injuries.

When firefighters arrived they saw flames shooting more than 40 feet into the air, and much of the barn already gutted.

Fire companies from Delaware and Maryland joined Chester County crews in battling the blaze. Firefighters had to truck in water to battle the blaze.

It took two hours to get control of the flames.

There is no word yet on what sparked the fire.

More information on the horses killed in the fire can be found on the website for the United States Eventing Association