Parking in Philly about to get more expensive

June 3, 2011 3:01:22 PM PDT
It will soon cost you a lot more to park in the City of Philadelphia, as hikes for some meters and kiosks are headed up as much as 25%.

For now, one hour of parking in Center City means you'll have to pump eight quarters into the kiosk or meter.

But, come mid-July, it'll take another two quarters, with the rate jumping from $2.00, to $2.50 an hour.

"Wow, I think that's going to make me cut back even more," said Denise Muschett of Center City.

The city hopes to raise an additional $6 million a year for the school district by raising the on-street parking rates.

The hikes won't just be limited to the core of Center City. The rate will jump from $1.50 to $2.00 an hour on the edges of Center City and in University City.

Nobody wants to pay more, but most we spoke with seem willing to cough up bit more for the convenience.

"It's actually better than the parking lots and not as bad as some of the increases we're seeing," said Nick DiFlorio of Boothwyn, Pa.

The Parking Authority says it will be able to reprogram all of these kiosks and the meters in time for the rate hike. But, the people who use these kiosks just wish the Parking Authority would fix them.

"Either they're broken and you have to walk several blocks to find a kiosk that works or you have problems where it doesn't recognize your dollar or recognize your card," said Candice Peters of South Philadelphia

Action News caught up with one woman who couldn't get any of her dollar bills to work, so she gave up and drove off.