Father killed riding motorcycle with son

Police say 37-year-old accountant Anthony Brooks, Jr., a father of three, was not wearing a helmet when he lost control of his motorcycle in New Castle, Delaware resulting in a fatal crash on Monday, June 13, 2011.

June 14, 2011 3:49:24 PM PDT
A Delaware man, riding his motorcycle home with his son on the back, was killed when he lost control of the bike and flipped over, police say.

The man has been identified as 37-year-old accountant Anthony Brooks, Jr. of New Castle.

Brooks was not wearing a helmet, however, his passenger, his 19-year-old namesake son, was and survived.

"He loved his bike, he loved his family," Anthony Brooks III said.

The incident began last night when Anthony Brooks III could not get the 2005 Kawasaki motorcycle to start in a nearby park.

He called his parents, who said they would be right over.

Once they arrived, their son had already figured out the problem was the kickstand's positioning, which he fixed.

Anthony Brooks, Jr. told his son he would like to ride the bike home and his son got on the back.

Police say Brooks was operating the bike on New Castle Avenue when he slowed down and leaned into a routine lefthand turn. That's when everything went wrong.

"He stopped turning, he was going 5 to 10 mph. I kept tapping, 'Dad, Dad, Dad.' He was not responding to me," the son said.

Anthony says his father appeared to slump over; the bike then blasted out of control throwing Anthony off the back.

He wonders what caused his dad to lose control.

"Maybe like a heart attack or a stroke or something, he never had a heart attack before, but I know he wasn't responding to me when I was shaking him," Anthony Brooks III said.

The bike hit the curb and several concrete pillars.

Brooks was pronounced dead at the scene.

His body was turned over to the medical examiner's office where an autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of death.

Anthony Brooks III was taken to Christiana Hospital and released.

The accident happened around 10:10 p.m.

The police investigation into the fatality continues, but authorities say speed and alcohol are being considered as factors in the crash.

Brook's family says he owned the powerful sports bike for a couple of months; it was not just purchased as previous reports indicated. It is not known, though, if he had taken a motorcycle safety course.

While not required for adults, hands on safety classes are highly recommended for beginning riders.

Lynn Nathan who owns Powersports East, a large motorcycle dealership, says practice is critical when riders upgrade to more powerful bikes.

"You need to practice all things you practice in the class, you need to go to a parking lot and practice breaking, you need to make sure the bike turns the same way, every bike is different," Nathan said.

Anthony Brooks, Jr. leaves behind a wife and three children.