InterAction: Is Philadelphia 2nd dirtiest city?

June 14, 2011 4:10:18 PM PDT
A new magazine poll shows visitors think Philadelphia is the second dirtiest city in America, but the results are even worse when city residents are asked.

The poll, conducted by the website for Travel and Leisure magazine, actually asked readers to rank the cleanliness of 35 cities.

When left up to visitors, Philly comes in at #34.

However, when you filter the results to see how city residents voted, The City of Brotherly Love comes in dead last.

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"We don't care about the Travel and Leisure voting," said Meryl Levits with the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation. She says that the voting is skewed and the poll is downright "laughable."

She counters that 37 million people visited Philadelphia and this poll won't hurt tourism.

"There's so much opportunity through social media and through TV, radio and print, you can get your message out," she said. "With more and more people coming to Philadelphia every year and having a great time - saying 'you should come here' - that's what counts."

The results aren't all bad. The city did well in polls for:

Pizza (#4)
Historical sites/monuments (#6)
Museums/galleries (#8)
Classical music (#10)
Cultural getaway (#13)

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